Showbiz Portfolio

Make the best of your talent with professional showreels and actors photography.  At Still Moon Productions we can edit your existing projects, film a whole new scene with you as the star, or take beautiful looking stills photographs to get your career rolling. 

Showreels Edited from $125
(Sale Price of $75 Until 1st March 2012)

Editing is like a sculpting process and can be tailored for you as to what you can afford.  All showreels are stored so you can go back and develop it, adding to it and re-cutting to maximize the material's potential.

Scenes Filmed from $240
(Get Two Scenes for $400 Until 1st March 2012)

Filming a scene is a great way of getting your foot on the casting ladder.  Even a single scene gives agents and casters a boost in confidence when pitching your talents for a project, and a great idea of your potential on camera.

Actor and Models Photography only $120
(discounts for StarNow and SDGNZ members)
  • 60- minute shoot
  • 70-80 pictures taken
  • CD Rom of all pictures