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Business/Corporate Photography

Images mean business. The right corporate photography can motivate, sell and speak your identity through a visual language we all understand. Our Corporate Photographers can create photos for your annual report, brochure, website, or advertisement.

Our corporate photography business goal is to help you send a razor-sharp message that leaves your audience with no question about what you want to say.

Our Auckland based corporate photographers understand that you are searching for a stylised and unique image that fits your business, not the same old mass produced look.

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Still Moon Productions Stills Photography

Stills Photography

Our Still Photography services have built up a reputation for creating vivid, eye catching and informative product photography for YOUR clients.

There's a good chance you're here because you promote, sell or manufacture products and are looking for professional product photography to make them look their very best.

Still Moon Productions Ltd specialized in cost effective product and still photography in Auckland. We have built our reputation with hard work, quality imagery and a talented team of assistants. Our product photography business model was designed to ensure things are kept simple - Reliable, professional and cost effective.

It's no secret that professional still photography increases sales and lends credibility to products that you are selling. Our main goal is to provide you with still photography for your next high quality print or web based catalogue.

Our Business main priority is to make your products look their absolute best. Our team will take the time to shoot every image in a unique and detailed way to enhance the qualities that your product deserves. The results are beautifully clean, crisp images that show your products in their best light.

Some of our still photography past experience: product photography, commercial photography, pack shot photography, clothing photography and jewellery photography 

Still Moon Photojournalism


Taking a photo is simple. Creating a perfect portrait is really quite complex. Count on us to create photojournalistic images that will speak for themselves. Bring more business, use less captions. 

Documentary photography of people, cultural events, editorial photo-reportages of world cultures, stock pictures of traditional festivals, stock photographs of indigenous cultures, stock travel photos of travel destinations and stock images of adventure travel photo-documentaries, stock photographs of traditional people's cultures, assignment travel-photojournalism photography and stock travel-documentary photographs for publication by photojournalistic photographers.

Empathy is an extremely important part of the photojournalists.  We believe that might go as far as to state that photojournalism is empathy, enabled by art.  Our aim is to capture the soul of a subject and use the image to get the audience to understand what people living under very different circumstances are experiencing at that time without a word.

 We strike to produce the best in quality and versatility. Count on us for photojournalism photography images that will impact your clientele. Contact us for an obligation free quote