Still Moon Productions provides production services for drama and documentary features and shorts, corporate videos, commercials and music videos, shooting in a variety of exciting locations in New Zealand.  The company aims to minimise costs while at the same time provide the highest possible standards for a range of services covering all aspects of HD TV, film and commercial production.
Documentary and Drama

Still Moon Productions Documentary/Drama Films

Still Moon Productions assesses all unsolicited scripts, novels, treatments, screenplays, and pitches sent in.

If you want to submit an idea, please read the submission guide below. 

With your pitch please include:

  • A completed script, correctly formatted as a .pdf file.
  • A treatment including synopsis, character bio's, and visual references (drama) detailed outline of the subject, people involved and script (documentary).
  • A quick biography about yourself and your industry experience.
  • Contact details.
Corporate and Advertising

Still Moon Productions Corporate/Advertising Films

A good corporate video is where you don't get distracted by errors or poor quality: you are just in it. You understand and you listen to what was said, you remember it and you don’t forget it.

At Still Moon Productions our meticulous preparation and fail-safe multimedia productions start with professional storyboarding, scripting, and creating a vision to match the style and energy of your existing marketing materials.  Our follow-through includes music, narration, and post production services.

Contact us for a consultation and a quote for your next corporate project.

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